Why Bangkok Webdesign?

Honesty and Transparency

On-Time Delivery

Experience and Quality in Programming

Content Management System (CMS)



We work with each client individually to understand and meet your specific needs. We don’t overpromise or upsell our clients packages that we “think are best”. We state clearly every cost, as well as the opportunities and risks, so our clients can make informed decisions about their website and their business. We say it straight, and do what we say.
We Guarantee delivery on the date agreed upon, based on agreed conditions, or your money back. No excuses, no waiting. We do what we promise, when we promise it.
We use the most recent and up-to-date coding available in the market. All websites are not created equal, in both design and function. Programming skill is essential to providing visitors a consistent and professional experience. Our website is coded using HTML 5, the latest, most efficient technology.
Consistent functionality
Our websites are designed to be attractive and functional on multiple resolution sizes, whether viewed on a large-scale wall projection, computer monitor, LCD laptop, or small screen phone. We test each website on each media to ensure performance.
Browser and Screen Compatibility
With quality programming your website works flawlessly with all major browsers (Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome) and operating systems (Windows and Mac). We test each website on each browser to ensure performance.
Faster Load Time
Better programming equals faster loading times. A slow connection or phone wifi connection does not mean visitors have to wait minutes for your website to load. We employ clever techniques to make your website load faster over any connection speed. How do we do this?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Quality code also equals better ratings in Google and other Search Engines. Our code is easy for search engines to read and we apply our knowledge of SEO to move your website naturally higher in search ratings for keywords without additional expense.
The Future
We build all our websites with an eye to the future. Business is always changing and a website must be able to adapt and grow with a business. We use modular programming so that our clients do not need to re-do their entire website every time what want to expand functionality. Whether it is to add a new feature or to change a look, we build dynamic websites that employ CSS to separate design from content. Simple and stress-free.

You can keep all the content and the entire backend intact while completely changing the look of the site.
In fact it's as easy as clicking these buttons to change the color of the site
Good programming keeps your website safe from hackers and viruses. Nothing will lose a visitor or customer forever faster than your website infecting their computer with a virus.
We build most websites in a CMS that makes editing your website text, adding pictures or creating new pages as easy as using your Facebook. Please review our case-study that demonstrates how we use the CMS to solve a problem for our client.
We understand what it takes to design a successful website. The image your website projects say a lot about your company or product. Customers respond positively to a professional and aesthetically pleasing website.
An excellent website is not only attractive, but is also easy for visitors to find information. Is it easy to navigate? Is the information presented in an easy-to-understand way? Which information or feature of your website should be highlighted? It takes planning and engineering to build a great website. We work closely with your company to consult and advise you in the process of creating an appealing website that gives your business a unique identity and an edge over your competitors. See Examples of our work.
Our rates start at a very affordable 30,000 Baht for a basic website design and CMS package. Depending on scope and functionality, we customize our pricing to meet the budget and business needs of the client.

However, when choosing a website designer it is important to think of not just the cost, but the short and long term benefits. How much is a good website worth to your company? How much is a Google ranking worth? Does a quality web designer increase that value? Will the website be dependable for your visitors? Will a good website help your company earn more business from customers? Or will a bad website lose your company a multi-million baht deal?