Good HTML = Fast loading page

#1 The Navigation

  1. is HTML text based (not image), easy to change words or add a new button
  2. each button adjusts automatically to the width of the word
  3. the tab color is a HTML/CSS background color while the rounded corners are a tiny image it that loads instantly
  4. the rounded corners are on the same image, therefore when the colors are switched there is no lag

#2 Background colors. The top and the inside panels are all HTML/CSS background colors so that they load instantly.

#3 The cool font is not an image, but in fact HTML text. This means there is no loading time and it is SEO friendly. We use advanced HTML/CSS technique that allows us to use any font with the HTML.

#4 When images are used we employ advanced HTML techniques to minimize load times. You can see that the image we use is thin - it tiles fully fill up the allotted space. The actual image we use is so thin that we tripled it's width just to make the image visible so for our audience.

HTML 101