HTML Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML matters. Whether you are building a simple static site or a huge dynamic one. HTML will affect your websites. Quality HTML means:

  1. Faster loading web pages,
  2. Better Search Engine optimization
  3. Browser consistency (site will look good in any browser),
  4. Alternate device compatibility (Print, Projector and Phone),
  5. Separate visual data from content (allows easy alteration of your website appearance without modifying the HTML)

HTML 101

This site is built in HTML 5, the latest greatest HTML available out there. What makes this site special? Did you notice how fast it loads? Have you played with the switch skin button on top? It loads nearly instantly and changes colors just as fast. Try it on your phone. It still loads fast even with a really slow data connection. This site can be resized to any size. Go ahead stretch it across 2 monitors. The design is also future-proof, if we ever want to re-skin the site, we don't have to touch the HTML. Changing the look of this site would be as easy as... well pressing one of the buttons on top to change the color :)

Want to know how we do it?

Advanced HTML

Our specialty is dynamic, modular html code. This makes templating an easy walk in the park. You can use the same template to create any number of layouts, or take a module and plug it anywhere else on the site and it will expand or contract to fit itself to it's new space without breaking the page.

Pro's see an example of modular HTML

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