We created a Content Management System (CMS) form designed to do all the 3 required tasks from one page. See image

The Pace Staff simply needs to copy and paste the text and upload the images via the easy-to-use CMS. After the staff saves the page it will automatically create a new drop down, with the beautiful photo gallery and the "Design and Engineering" sub-pages (if left blank, the sections will simply not display on the live site).

A simpler example is the staff page: See image

There are only 3 fields of information to fill in: See image
Filling in the 3 fields automatically creates a new selection on the navigation on the main site, and generates the sub page that you can see by clicking on the individual's page. All the text and the photos can be added/changed in the CMS.

The News page is built with the same concept: See image

Each entry appears as a title followed by the abbreviated article abstract with a link to the full version: See image

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